Belarusian Elections

March 19, 2006, Presidental elections in Belarus. Lukashenko was opposed in the election by Aleksander Milinkievic, a candidate representing a coalition of oppositional parties. Another opposition candidate, Aleksander Kazulin of the Social Democrats was detained and beaten by police during protests surrounding the Lukashenko sponsored event. This event, among others, have caused for concern that the 2006 elections had irregularities. Lukashenko won a landslide victory, over 80% of the vote. It was however deemed unfair by the OSCE. After the pools have been published, the opposition youth started to occupy the September Square in Minsk. They occupied the square for three days and day before the "freedom day" they were beaten and arrested by the police. "Freedom day" also ended with riots and arrests. Till this day, democracy in Belarus is illusory and years will pass until we'll be able to see the light of change.